Incorporated in the year 2014, Two Men Bagel House is proud to be Lion City's first ever. Owners, Jerome and Jereborne Lam set their sights far, casting their hearts and souls into this new project of theirs. Spurred by this an intriguing fascination with bagels, they wish to share this love for bagels with our little red dot.


Two Men operates on three fundamental beliefs: Taste, Moments and Family.

Fresh ingredients coupled with a passion for food, your stomach is our business

Every encounter with a customer counts, we make each moment real.

No one gets left behind. We take care of one another be it a staff or customer.


Two Men Bagel House is a little place tucked down in the district of Tanjong Pagar, located in the depths of Icon Village. Despite its cornered location, and small exterior, the owners have transformed this little eatery into a BIG quality eating house. Their mission is to serve only the most delicious bagels you can find in Singapore. Our bagels are made from dust, hand-rolled and baked by our finest crew before, way before even you city walkers get up in the morning. Our signature bagel sandwiches are crafted love and dedication, each packing unique beastliness and explosive tastes.

To sum things up, over at Two Men, we believe in consistently beating ourselves up to exceed  and appease the crowds and fans expectations.


Find us:

Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT (EastWestLine), Take exit A. we are located approximately 300 metres from the station in Icon Village Altez. Have Fun Hunting!