TMBH- The bagel house crew heads to Tokyo

Last November, the bagel house crew traveled to Tokyo as a team for the first time to experience its unique food culture and also understanding each other's strength and weakness. It was our very first travel together as a team and like We all experience life like a speed of light so We saw the importance of gravitating our principles and values to make Japan a memorable experience. 

It was also a great opportunity for us to bond as a team, whereby it was the greatest aspect of all. One of the highlights was also a chance for us to connect our soul and energy in Japan where We would experience some great passionate individuals who share the same craft as us and people who are equally striving to bring their best out in the food and beverage industry, 

Scroll down and find out more about our trip, eats and laughs. 



This was us at our first Izakaya. 

This was us at our first Izakaya. 

Jerome Lam- looking for food 

The bagel crew at Tokyo's bagel standard. 


Beef donburi lovers at RED ROCK 

jingumae, 3 chome 25-12


Tsukiji fish market, viewing areas of popular tuna aunction. 


Reppin' TMBH bagel house from Singapore  

Bonding sess at Mt Fuji.  

Bonding sess at Mt Fuji.  


Famous crossing. Shibuya  


Operations observation at BLUE BOTTLE tokyo


Freshness at Tsukiji market  


Hangover soba  


Ramen. Ramen Everyday. 

afuri ramen  


Afuri ramen. Small joint, crazy 3 men operations and still dishing out delicious bowls of ramen.  


Ichiran. commercialised but still sick in tokyo  

Stay with us for PART TWO of the bagel house crew in tokyo.